The Island Bus – Trailer


  1. […] The documentary is based around the island bus and how it links the community. See a preview of the film here and her main blog […]

  2. I love the way this is taking shape and definitely want to see more!

    • Thank you! You shall! Actually, if you hang around a few more minutes, you shall see more of the preps on this very blog… More exciting news to share.

  3. Holy Shit!!! My dad grew up in that village. I recognize some of those people. Everyone uses that bus. The last time I was there the bus driver was always real cranky. Please post more!

    • Hi greekgirl,

      thanks for getting in touch. The feature-length documentary THE ISLAND BUS is finished now and will premiere soon!

      Yes, there will be some of that special crankiness to see, and also lots of laughter, promised.

      For updates on where and when to watch THE ISLAND BUS stay tuned to this blog or like our Facebook page and spread the word to all your friends please.

      Cheers and τα λέμε,

  4. Tilos is very special to us. We have been there for many many years but had no idea about this documentary! As I understand it will be shown on the island this year When and where? We return 19th August/4th Sept and
    would dearly love to see it. Is it for sale anywhere?
    Linda and Stuart Summerhayes

    • Hi Linda and Stuart,

      thanks a lot for your interest in our documentary!

      Yes, we are planning several screenings on Tilos. Exact dates will be published on this blog once available and late August is a favourite, so you will probably be able to catch a Tilos screening! At the very spot where the documentary was filmed.

      The film will also be shown at festivals in Greece and abroad and later on you will be available to buy your copy. If you subscribe to updates from this blog, you will be the first to know about it. You could also like THE ISLAND BUS Facebook page to receive updates. Hope you will enjoy THE ISLAND BUS as much as the island – and I think you might.

      All the best,

      • So looking forward to watching The Island Bus. Please let me know when it will be for sale. Tilos is where my mom grew up. I have spent many summers since childhood in Tilos. I live in the US and will not be able to make it to watch the premieres in Greece. I look forward to watching the documentary! Thanks!

      • Hi Athina,
        sorry that you won’t make it to Tilos (or anywhere in Greece) for one of our screenings. But yes, at some stage we will have online distribution of the film and you will be able to rent or purchase it on the internet and watch it anywhere you like! I cannot give you an exact date yet, there are other screenings planned and they come first, but as for the screenings: all info about distribution of the film will be here on the blog or the ISLAND BUS Facebook page in due time. Thanks for you support and for spreading the word about the film and I do hope you won’t have to wait too much longer until you can watch it, too.
        Best wishes from THE ISLAND BUS island (aka your ancestral home),

  5. […] If you are interested in seeing the trailer, you can check it out on Sybille’s website. […]

  6. That’s great! We look forward to it! Many thanks – L & S

  7. I am so disappointed. I am going toTilos in a a few days, and just discovered this film this evening with only 6 hours left to view it. I planned to watch it and contacted my daughter to watch it (she loved it), but I calculated the time wrong and went to watch it an hour late, with only 5 minutes left!
    I am gutted! Can you please tell me Is there any other location I can view it at?
    Thank you, Sue J

    • Dear Sue Johnson,
      thank you very much for your interest in THE ISLAND BUS.
      Happy to hear that your daughter loved the film – we think it’s pretty special, too 🙂 – but very sorry you missed the screening on Do not despair, though! The film is available to watch online on our distribution partner Distrify’s website for download or online rental without time limit.

      Here is the link:

      Hope you enjoy watching THE ISLAND BUS as your daughter and others did before, and have a lovely time on Tilos!

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