Who drives the island bus?

This blog is about the feature documentary THE ISLAND BUS by Sibylle Meder, produced by Lindsay Goodall (Beau Films, Glasgow), co-produced by Anja and Mike Dehghan (High5Films, Berlin). The project has been developed through Storydoc and EDN Docs in Thessaloniki.

THE ISLAND BUS is a creative documentary about the magic of daily life in a small island community at the entrance to Europe.

On these pages you will find updates about the project as well as my thoughts on the process of making a film on a remote Greek island – and my thoughts in general about films and Greece and life as a filmmaker.

For those of you able to read (and make sense of) German, there is a “sister blog” to this one called Der Inselbus: same topic, different posts. Go and have a look if you like.

Best wishes,
Sibylle Meder


  1. Hi Sybylle, I’ve come to this via Carole Kelly’s Facebook. I’ll be interested to see how it develops. We visit Tilos every year, but only for a couple of weeks. We did manage to stay for a couple of months a few years ago. I’m a big fan of Pavlos, so am looking forward to hearing more…..

    • Hi Adrienne,
      The Island Bus has just been invited to a documentary workshop on Corfu where we had intensive 3 days discussing the project with TV professional from all over Europe. There’s been interest in the film from Greek TV and the next stop is a pitch presentation to acquire funding. We’ll have a facebook group soon, too, so if you’d like join this and you’ll be up to date with the latest news and gossip. 😉
      All the best from Tilos,

  2. very good video!!!!!!!! i was moved!!!! so many memories!!!!!

  3. […] around the island bus and how it links the community. See a preview of the film here and her main blog […]

  4. the superstar was more better

  5. Yes we love everything about Tilos we have such a warm welcome from everyone when we arrive it will be good to be back with you all this May/June can`t wait……Gaynor & Peter Rumble

  6. Hi Sibylle

    My name is tony. I am actually from Tilos. I left there in 1963 as a 6 year old. My partner (Allirah) and I actually paid a visit to Tilos in 2011. My first return to the island for some 48 years. Allirah and I met Saeed and loved the time we had with him and my relatives (many of which I did not know prior).

    We just watched the trailer to the Island Bus and loved it. How do we go about getting access to the full documentary.

    I would love to share it with my daughter and other relatives here in Australia

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks a lot for your message! I am glad you liked the trailer and it could evoke memories of that visit.

      So far, unfortunately, the whole documentary is not for sale on DVD or as digital download – yet! We are planning online distribution once the “festival and screening circuit” is completed. The film might actually be on TV at some stage, but I cannot give you any further details just now.

      The surest way to watch it – apart from a speedy journey to Tilos to make it to the screening here on Sunday – and to stay informed about any screenings or distribution is to subscribe to this blog cause all relevant news and dates will be published here.

      I hope that helps!

      Wishing you all the best!
      Regards from Tilos,


      • Hi there Sibylle – its been a couple of years since we last communicated – has there been any update on the general release of the documentary ??


      • Hi Toni,

        yes! The film is available on Distrify, please click the following link and it will take you right to the page: https://distrify.com/videos/boRbW8-the-island-bus


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