Posted by: sibyllemeder | May 16, 2015

Impressions from THE ISLAND BUS screening at Agia Paraskevi last night

THE ISLAND BUS travelled to Athens again.    

First sightings of the bus in the streets of Agia Paraskevi


It was again a rewarding experience to share the story of Saeed and Tilos with an audience and discuss the inspiration the film can give to people living in Greece today.
I am happy that THE ISLAND BUS manages to inspire thoughts and discussions about what I would call our “human condition” and how we relate to the events around us. 

The audience gathers for the screening

The Q&A ranged from questions of how an island with a population of 400 relates to an influx of desperate newcomers who have just escaped death and war to questions of how racism develops – and how it can be answered by natural curiosity and a genuine interest in and compassion for the life of the others. 


Mirella Legakis (Cultural Dept. of SYRIZA Agia Paraskevi) and Sibylle Meder (director of THE ISLAND BUS)

And of course, there were members of the audience who have visited Tilos and came to reminisce about an island where they found something special that inspired them. 
Here is hoping that with THE ISLAND BUS this inspiration can travel further and move more people to reflect about what place hospitality and compassion have in our world of today and how we relate to the people around us wherever they come from. 

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