Posted by: sibyllemeder | December 20, 2013

THE ISLAND BUS sounds: title track

Ο Κώστας στο λάουτο

Happy winter greetings form THE ISLAND BUS hub. To get you into the festive mood in this season of giving, we are giving you an audio glimpse of what THE ISLAND BUS sounds like.

Excited? Yes, so are we! The soundtrack is a really intergral part to the film and until you can watch it in combination you will get the chance to listen to some of it here on the blog – with a few stories of how it has come together thrown in for good measure.

So, here we go.

First in our series of audio snippets is the THE ISLAND BUS title track. Surprisingly enough, it’s called “THE ISLAND BUS” – and appears in two versions in the film.

Remember how we set up studio in Livadia and had some of Tilos’s bright young stars – John Bartlam and Dennis Kelly – team up with Tilos’s seasoned live musicians – Pantelis Logothetis, Xenia Logotheti, Antonis and Konstantinos Makris and Aristotelis Hatzifountas?

Έτοιμο το μικρόφωνο - ένα, δύο, τρία - πάμε!

Έτοιμο το μικρόφωνο – ένα, δύο, τρία – πάμε!

Apart from the perennial classics which old Tilos hands and locals alike know from the panagyris and which you will get to hear later on in the soundtrack, they also got together for a super-laid back jam session or two. Starting with a guitar tune that John and Dennis had come up with, Antonis, Kostas, Telis, Pantelis and Xenia improvised to their chords – and “THE ISLAND BUS” was created!

Double track recording made easy

Here is a sample of the original recording:

And in the spirit of “fusion” – which was the piece’s original title – I mentioned to a friend in Dortmund, Germany, that I was looking for a DJ with an interest in Balkan and Middle-Eastern music to remix some of our score. She knew exactly the right person to talk to. So I took the tune to one of the two wonderful artists responsible for THE ISLAND BUS’s original soundtrack: DJ Badre.

Because of his upbringing in Morocco, Badre was influenced by a huge range of various “ethnic beats and sound”. He was fascinated by this spiritual colourful music and started to create his own, very individual way of combining electrical sounds with ethnic beats.

I felt a bit like a child on Christmas Eve – hence the timing – when we first got together to play around – literally – with some of the songs from Tilos. You will get to hear more of his fantastic remixes and also Thomas Mangano’s brilliant original music for THE ISLAND BUS in future posts.

But for now, lean back, pour a glass of your favourite something and lend an ear to “THE ISLAND BUS (REMIX)”:

Ópa and ho ho ho!



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