Posted by: sibyllemeder | October 18, 2013

Here is our poster design – fresh from the artist!

Very happy to tell you that we got German painter and illustrator Viola Welker ( on board THE ISLAND BUS team to design our poster.

See what wonderful artwork she has come up with:

The Island Bus poster

The central theme of Viola Welker’s work is the creature, a created being that can be human, animal, plant or mythical creature. These creatures are in a process of growing and completely at one with their surroundings which vary greatly in form and shape. Floral ornaments and organic cell formations are metaphors for the growing, fading and re-born life of the individual.

Her work has been published by Gestalten-Verlag, zeixs-Verlag, 3×3 magazine, Hermann-Schmidt-Verlag and mitp-Verlag.

…And we are proud to say: on our poster, too!



  1. That’s brilliant! I like it.


  2. Well done! I like the recognisable ‘cartoon’ characters. Shelagh P

    • Thanks, Shelagh! I’m very fond of them, too – as cartoons and in real life.

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