Posted by: sibyllemeder | September 8, 2013

THE ISLAND BUS is ready to roll!

Ready to roll

Ready to roll

We have a film! Does anything else need to be said? – Well, yes, a lot of things. But we will keep them for future updates.

For today, let me just thank all involved for their time and effort put into this project and all of you in the audience for your continuing support. THE ISLAND BUS is complete, a feature length version of the film has been edited, mixed and finalised over the past weeks in Glasgow with great support from colorist John Sackey and sound designer Ali Murray, both wonderful experts in their respective fields. A TV hour version of our film will be available soon.

Feeling very happy about it – as you might imagine – and just wanted to share this moment with you. As you would have it, I am writing these lines on a bus…

See you all at a screening soon!




  1. Well done, Sibylle, and greetings from Agios Antonios!!!


    • Thank you kindly!

  2. Great effort Sibylle…I wish you every sucess with both versions and look forward to seeing them both. Good to see you and catch up when you were in Glasgow. Now you never did say whether you drove from Aberfoyle to Inversnaid on Loch Lomond or to Stronachlachar on Loch Katrine……I know you went down there somewhere from the photo you posted of Loch Arklet…..

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