Posted by: sibyllemeder | November 23, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 23/11/2012

Rebuilding a village: Stelios in Mikro Chorio

I have done a bit of ISLAND BUS housekeeping and among the material I sorted through were “Stelios House” tape 1 & 2. Sounds like we recorded the Tilos Dub and Techno scene? Not quite. Stelios is bus driver Pavlos’s brother and the material we filmed with him was part of our first trailer but, like some other great scenes, Stelios and his renovation project will not end up in the finished ISLAND BUS, because the story of how a single man tries to rebuild a village deserves more than one bus stop.

Now I sat down with the footage, looked at it again with fresh eyes and started thinking about The Man and the Village… or The Island House… or Return to Ruins… See where this leads?…

Sharing a pensive moment: Sibylle and Stelios preparing an interview at the entrance to what is left of his family home

(Deutsche Version)



  1. […] (English Version) […]

  2. I met Stelios in early May up in Mikro. He showed me round the house he is renovating. He has great passion and pride in his work. He is a lovely man with a megali kardia

  3. Great article. Very well thought and is very interesting. Keep it up.

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