Posted by: sibyllemeder | September 21, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 21/09/2012

(Deutsche Version)

If you have been following this blog over the last weeks, you know already that at the moment we are putting a rough cut of The Island Bus together. Apart from all the hair-pulling, lip-biting and hand-wringing during which I strictly object to being photographed because it looks much funnier in your imagination than in reality, editing isn’t a very picturesque action. If you ask me, it looks – and definitely feels – somewhat like this:

Told you, not very picturesque.

But you have plenty of pictures in your head and in front of your eyes when you edit. So here is a small collection of those lovely moments that were captured for The Island Bus but for whatever reason won’t appear in the film. Before they end up on the cutting room floor – or let’s make that: just outside the edit markers – I thought I’ll let you have a look at them at least…


  1. […] Ab heute gibt es die fotografischen Freitage im Inselbus auch auf Deutsch! (English version) […]

  2. I would like to send you this poem about the Island Bus, written by a wonderful elderly friend of mine, Chris Willis, who visited Tilos for very many years and was a regular bus traveller with her husband Barry. Unfortunately the journey from England is now too much for them. I miss them, particularly seeing them setting out on the road from the monastery to walk back to Ag Andonis or sitting on rickety chairs under a tamarisk tree by the Kantina at Eristos.

    My heart was lost on Eristos.
    Where was Eros?
    I’ll tell you because
    T’was the driver on the bus,
    The slightly balding Pavlos,
    With shy smile and a ‘Yassas’.
    That’s how my heart was lost
    That day on Eristos.

    Good luck with the film from a fellow film maker. I’ve enjoyed reading about its progress. Will we be able to see it in London?


    • Thanks, Ginny!
      I wonder whether my Greek will be up to the task of translating the poem for Pavlos, but I will do my best.

      Regarding your last question, whether you will be able to watch The Island Bus in London – I certainly hope so. We are planning for a release in early 2013. Keep checking this blog for updates about where and when exactly it will be shown.

      Thanks for your good wishes – and hope to see you at a screening!


    • Ginny, Rosie and me are sitting enjoying a glass of wine on our terrace with little tear drops welling up listening spookily to the tune of ” Never on a Sunday ” booming from Michaelis Taperna,a fave of the lovely Chris and Barry. The Island bus will always have a special place in our hearts… can steal a purse….but not the wonderful times and memories of like minded ticket holders aboard the good ship Pavlos. I was feeling a little down at heart today….reading this lovely poem will follow us to bed tonight.Thanks Ginny,see you in blighty, Kieran and Posie xx

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