Posted by: sibyllemeder | August 31, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 31/08/2012

This week, the second recording session for The Island Bus soundtrack took place in John’s comfy kitchen/recording studio.

More musical magnificence on the way

If you thought it’s all lyra down here in the Southern Dodecanese, you are partly right: the lyra does play a pretty huge role in the island’s music. But there is more. Have a closer look at the vintage photo of a local party from the 40’s and you know what I mean.

Spotted it?
Yes, there is a violin player in the middle between all the dancers. I don’t know what he sounded like, but I can tell you, the sounds Pantelis Logothetis, who recorded for us this week, gets out of his trusty instrument make you really happy.

Pantelis recording a violin track for The Island Bus

When he and and his equally talented sister Xenia are playing I actually just want to sit down, listen in and let the music take over…

But no use writing about it. One day soon you’ll be able to hear it all while watching The Island Bus take to the road – pardon: the screen.

Now it’s off to getting the re-mixes and re-interpretations done – and then even more exciting stuff can start:

The Island Bus rough cut!

I can’t wait – and you?



  1. Really looking forward to seeing the film Sybille.

    • Thanks Connie. To be quite honest with you: me too!… That’s why I’m looking forward to the rough cut.

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