Posted by: sibyllemeder | July 26, 2012

Over 10 000 visits on The Island Bus blog!

Woo hoo – today, the visit counter on this blog hit 10 000!!!

Welcome to The Island Bus!

In the past 30 days alone, people in Greece, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, the United States, Belgium, Finland, Australia, Norway, Italy, Palestinian Occupied Territories, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, Taiwan, Indonesia, Poland, India, Croatia, Israel, Thailand, Slovakia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil, Sudan, Switzerland, Mexico, Lebanon, Estonia, Spain, Venezuela and Argentina have browsed this site, liked its content and shared it with their friends.

Even taking into account that some of you return regularly to check what we are up to – if everyone showed up for the documentary premiere, we’d need a pretty large cinema to fit you all in!

Note taken! We are working away to get this film soon to a screen near you… or make that several screens, just to make sure no one has to travel too far and everyone gets a good seat.

Keep re-visiting for more stories from the field and announcements on when you will be able to watch The Island Bus – the film. You can also like our page on Facebook and give us even more reason to say:

Thanks for your continued support!

The Island Bus team,
now with one more reason to celebrate at the Panteleimon festival tonight – Hope to see you there!

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