Posted by: sibyllemeder | July 20, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 20/07/2012

Only two horsefly bites were necessary to get this photo right

You would think that because stalking a bus in its natural habitat presents a little less risk than, say: a lion, or whatever else the heroes of wildlife documentary are chasing around, the chance of having to endure any pain would be very low. Not so!

Over the past 2 weeks (while at work) I have added to my collection of bites and stings the following: I’ve sat on a coral, something that’s called δράκαινα bit my toes – that’s Greek for dragon – and it’s a fish that lives under the sand – so effectively I’ve been bitten by a water dragon – in the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon – fancy that! And yesterday I was taking the camera for a walk and a bee didn’t like that and deposited its sting into the bridge of my nose. Painful, but nothing compared to scorpions or jellyfish – all part of my experience from past years. So if you need any advice on where to get stung by what, just ask!

But the upside is: it doesn’t really show on camera.

Happy weekend!
the Perforated Filmmaker


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