Posted by: sibyllemeder | June 8, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 08/06/2012

The challenge when you are preparing to work in a beautiful location is – well – the work.

Bus driver Pavlos must know this feeling

As it happens, I really did start the day with the research footage on “heavy rotation” on the hard drive, planning, thinking, re-planning, re-thinking, drawing up schedules… Until there was this lunch invitation… from which things went a bit downhill – work-wise – and steeply uphill: weekend-feeling-wise.

I guess I could get away with calling it a work lunch since Menelaos turned up with the beekeepers from the neighbouring islands who had arrived on the weekly ferry from Piraeus this morning to bring their hives to Tilos.

Menelaos and the beekeepers at lunch in Agios Antonios

But, heroic enthusiastic filmmaker that I am – this is where you are supposed to stand up, collectively, and clap your hands and smile in admiration and support – I drew myself away from that shady spot under the tamarisks and the beach right next to it and here I am, at the office, hard drive on heavy rotation, research material looking good, the great outdoors in front of the window looking even better…

And speaking of weekend feeling: it’s the kick-off for the UEFA EURO 2012 Poland vs Greece opening game soon. The tables will be waiting at the square in Livadia…

Livadia ready for a football match

… and football aficionados have already placed their bets, no doubt.
Giorgos has put the beers on ice and…

“Café-Bar George” with owner and καφετζής George (Giorgos)

You know: just check back next week to find out how I went with the research footage…

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο!


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