Posted by: sibyllemeder | June 1, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 01/06/2012

Regular readers will have noticed, Island Bus director Sibylle Meder – in other words: the writer of these lines – has been away from Tilos for a few weeks. I have started work on another project in another country, in Israel namely, and only this week returned to Tilos.

Sea Star seats are not all made for tall filmmakers, but comfortable enough if there is no row in front of you – and they proudly show the island map on their headrests.

Travelling to Israel as a German with another film project in Greece – you bet there were enough politics to talk about. While shopping for Knafe (a distant relative of baklava) in a village in Israel’s North, the Arab-Israeli shop-owner and his customers were curious to hear how things are in Greece. “A small Greek island? How do you live there?”

Athenians have parties with refugees – on Tilos, we do that, too – minus the posters

It’s usually Israel that makes it into the news in other countries. Maybe that made for the constant interest of Israelis in the place I had just come from: “What’s going on in Athens? You will have new elections, won’t you?”

Yes, indeed. On stopover in the Greek capital, discussing the state of Greek-German relations with Greek friends, I kept wondering how far detached politicians can be from real life and real people.

“On the personal level, we don’t have problems” – this sentence doesn’t come from my new Greek acquaintance, but was spoken by an Arab-Israeli about his relations with his Jewish neighbours. “I believe that from the personal, the political can develop”, was my answer.

This is what The Island Bus is about: bringing you a story about real people on a real island in the really very beautiful Aegean Sea…

…here it is, the sea, view as you exit Madraki harbour on the way to Tilos…

…onto your screens. Yes, Greece is in crisis, and so is Europe, and maybe some of this has to do with a lack of information and personal experience…? Just a guess.

As an audience member, I have always enjoyed being taken by films – fiction and non-fiction alike – onto a journey into life in a place I had not yet seen with my own eyes and to people I had not yet met in real life.

Whether you know Tilos or not, I hope The Island Bus will let you travel to this island and meet people like Kyria Anna, Marta and Giorgos – just three of about 400 Tilians.

Welcome back – to all of us!

This is part of what is at stake – home care with a personal touch


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