Posted by: sibyllemeder | April 20, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 20/04/2012

Tilos is bringing on the spring big time.

Another Easter has passed, and spring is on the island, noticeably. So are the first visitors. On a short walk from Agios Antonios past the football stadium, I was greeted by three unknown faces – that equals a tidal wave of tourists for this time of the year. Or maybe they were just all out for the same reason as I was: because it was just sooooo beautiful.

This might sound strange, but Tilos nature reminds me sometimes of afternoons spent outdoors when I was a child - in Germany. Minus the olive trees, of course. Might that be a hint as to why there are people from so many different countries content to stay here?

It occurred to me that I am writing a lot lately about sun and flowers and mountains and fields and sea and light and any combination of the above. In my defense I have to say: if you were here, you would understand why. See for yourself:

April water temperatures - not worth noting; April colour temparatures - worth a look.

So, despite the fact that there is a whole world out there with problems of their own, today I am taking the liberty of time-out from problems and simply revel in the fun that can be had with a trusty photo app on a sunny afternoon.


If that is not enough, here is a very good Island-Bus-internal reason for a bit of celebration:

It’s cinematographer George Cameron Geddes’s birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Monsieur La Caméra!
Hope you have a wonderful day with the loved ones!
Greek sunshine attached.

Instead of candles: a dandelion to check your lung volume.


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