Posted by: sibyllemeder | March 30, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 30/03/2012

Should you be under the impression that things at the Island Bus office on Tilos are a bit hectic lately – well, they are. For island standards at least. Today’s blog is unkempt and all over the place, too – and the reason is: the office is moving.

Place in the sun

The KEP Tilos – so far home to the local Island Bus headquarters curtesy of Tilos Council – is giving up renting its picturesque office space and relocating…

Used to be the view, now it's the real thing

… to yet another picturesque spot just across the road which happens to be council property.

Boxes, files, staplers, chairs, more files, more chairs and a pretty magnificent old clock surround me while I write this. Two days ago, the new deputy mayor and a bunch of strong men blocked the office entrance with an impressive looking play tower they had just lifted from its old location at the kindergarten – which will now host the new KEP. I felt tempted to ask whether I could please relocate to the tower.

Staying on top of the cable chaos.

While I totally understand the need to cut down on expenses, there are some things I will miss about this office. The view for one.

This view is now for rent.

And the arrival of enthusiastic visitors.

Σας αγαπάω, όλους!

But who says there won’t be any visitors in the new office?

Let’s just hope from wherever I will write the next blog, I can still have an eye on the bus!

The fact that the bus passes by several times a day might have been an inspiration for certain documentary ideas...


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