Posted by: sibyllemeder | March 23, 2012

The Island Bus photographic Friday 23/03/2012

The last week has been a busy one. Filming with the medical team of R.O.T.A. Rib Club Rhodes went very well. I never thought an appointment at the dentist could be that much fun – though admittedly, I wasn’t the one being treated.

Orthodontist ready to embark

Editing on the Call-a-dentist on Tilos report has started.

But The Island Bus did not get neglected either. A new (German-language) documentary proposal is needed – and for some reason, the director whose native language is German (that’s me, btw) seemed the right person for the job. Believe me, I tried to wriggle out of it but was somehow outvoted. Since I am at it, and after I had suggested some substantial changes to the film’s structure, everyone thought it was a good idea to brush up the English proposal version, too… Well, I brought in on myself I guess.

Treatment writing is a fascinating occupation – especially if you are lucky enough to know what you want to say – but it does not look very spectacular.

I wish this was the view from my desk - as it happens, I have to get up and walk about 300 m to get there...

Filling in for pictures of me chewing on the back of a pen – a dental risk, as I learned – here are some images of Tilos nature in March.

Pulling my hair at the sight of spring abundance.

It was hard to concentrate on the world's biggest problems...

Yes, spring is here, too…

...and if I don't like what I wrote I can always take to the hills.

Καλή Εθνική Εορτή 25ης Μαρτίου 1821!
Happy Independence Day on 25 March to all Greeks and Philhellenes!
Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to change the clocks!



  1. Hi Sibylle
    Can you keep those beautiful flowers growing till i get there 6 weeks time.

    • Hi Michael,
      while I have many magnificent secret powers I am afraid influencing plant growth is not one of them. I guess, you would have to apply to some other force for that one. What I can do: take more photos and share here. Deal?

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