Posted by: sibyllemeder | February 24, 2012

The Island Bus political photographic Friday 24/02/2012

We are all Greeks.
While Athens burns and turns, the crisis has arrived on Tilos, too. In subtle ways.

At the kafenion in Megalo Chorio, the conversation ranges from the advantages of Cretan walking sticks to Credit Default Swaps and deregulated financial innovation. At the shop, seated between biscuits and liquor bottles, the example of Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s cut on his own salary is being discussed. On Facebook circulates this link among my Tilian friends. It is a catalogue of Greek and foreign products we can choose in our everyday lives – to choose the Greek alternative means to support the country’s economy.

For those capable of the Greek tongue, here is the link: Greek and foreign products (No guarantees for completeness and accuracy.) For personal reasons, one thing glares out at me: the amount of German companies and their products that have permeated Greek everyday life. Wherever you are in the world – when was the last time you bought a Greek product?

Shopping is a political act. We cast our vote with our purse. No wonder if people don’t go to elections, for the decisions about our future it seems more important how and on whom we spend our money – should we have any to spend.

Made me think: when was the last time I bought a product from a company whose policies I knew, liked and supported? A company that could therefor represent me like a political party should – wherever I am? And when was the last time I spent my time and energy on what has real value for me and stood by what I love?

The end of the world is as nigh on Tilos as anywhere else. Should it come soon, this is what we can see here while it happens:

The poppies are coming out,

the almond trees are in full bloom,

and a beach is still a beach.

Now you have seen it, too.

We are all Greeks. Hope you enjoy what is good about it wherever you are – and can take the energy and inspiration that brings to change what you dislike!
Good luck και καλή δύναμη!


  1. Lovely photographs.

    • Thank you! Taken with my favourite app – we have become very good “friends”.

  2. Beautiful photos – thank you – and a reminder of what a beautiful place Tilos is. Can’t wait for our visit in May.

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