Posted by: sibyllemeder | December 20, 2011

The Island Bus photo advent calendar – 20 Dec 2011

In case you sent any Tilian a Christmas present – or card – it might be in the picture below. Just look closely – and thanks for thinking of us!

The mail arrived!

Residents are kindly requested to empty their mailboxes regularly to avoid cluttering

…And in true Island Bus fashion, bus driver Pavlos just pulled up outside the house, blew the horn three times, shouted “Zeebillaah!” (That’s the Greek rendering of Sibylle.) and delivered a very lovely parcel for yours truly, too. Nice one!



  1. OMG, Just read this little post and am just so jealous! Not in a bad way, but it just sounds sooooo lovely right now since I am stuck in the hustle and bustle of NY. Merry Christmas, Zeebillaah (love that translation!) and thanks for a best visual imagery of today 😉

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