Posted by: sibyllemeder | December 7, 2011

Advent on Tilos

Gearing up for the next leg of The Island Bus journey, aka: preparing for production, I went location scouting for scenic spots to show off the island’s beauty.

There are always sheep involved somewhere...

I admit, it was also a barely disguised excuse to use my Hipsta photo app which just goes so well with this Golden December.

For every day of Advent here a little snapshot from Southern Greece.

Greek winters are green.

The water reservoir has gone ecological and transformed itself into a wetlands area. Birds love it.

Pink-hued clouds vs. mauve mountains - 1:0

Του χρονου, παλι - or: next year, again!

No wonder, really, that Agios Nikolaos aka Santa Claus travels by boat in Greece – which chimney compares with this? But the presents brings Agios Vassilios… Confused now? Never mind, just..

...enjoy the sunset.

At the end of the day – even though Werner Herzog was far, the island’s very own cave boasts elephants and not dreams, and The Island Bus will not be filmed in 3D (I am starting to wonder, why?) – I chanced upon something that looked pretty prehistoric as it kind of “jumped out at me”:

Fleeting impression of director's shadow in December evening light.

Happy Advent!

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