Posted by: sibyllemeder | November 20, 2011

Sunken treasure

If you’ve watched The Island Bus’s trailer, you have met Saeed, the boy from Afghanistan who arrived on Tilos a bit over a year ago on a people smuggling boat hailing from Turkey.

Picture-puzzle - Can you find anything unusual with this photo?

The gület that carried Saeed and over a hundred other refugees was moored in Livadia for a while, then dismantled and its shell has been a wreck in Angistro Bay for many months now.

But there was always the second boat: gület “Safir” that was supposed to pick up the people smugglers and bring them back to Turkey. That didn’t happen because the men were arrested and the boat confiscated, so the gület “Safir” has been sitting in Livadia harbour ever since – until last Monday.

Departures on Gület "Safir" cancelled until further notice

Well, it’s actually still sitting in Livadia harbour.

Deemed unfit for sea journeys

I had meant to schedule an interview with Saeed on “Safir” to tell me the story of his journey and thought this boat would make a good backdrop as a substitute for the one he travelled on.

Rather wet spot for an interview

When I took the bus to Livadia last Tuesday, bus driver Pavlos asked as we rolled into town: “Sibylle, did you bring your camera?”

That should have made me suspicious.

There had been a bit of rain on Monday, and, somehow, the gület is on the lower parking deck of the harbour now…

A bit out of date - Turkish newspaper stuck to "Safir's" deck


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