Posted by: sibyllemeder | November 4, 2011

Views from the office – part 2

Yes, that white thing at the top IS the moon

Always good to have a mountain to look at

When I entered the home office this morning, the resident writer had already set-up – at my desk – to print out his latest story.

Fair enough, it’s a shared printer.

When the story was printed, I thought I’d join in the fun and print out the photos I had promised to someone a week ago.

Somehow an hour passed.

As I finally settled down to look at some video footage, the resident boss cat decided to attack the resident shy cat and needed to be carried off by the scruff and bribed with a slice of salami into civilized behaviour.

Then the shy cat needed to be kept from committing suicide under the sofa (or from smoking pot or getting clinically depressed or whatever shy cats do when they sit under sofas for hours).

At the same time, the resident painter who had taken the bus to Livadia to pick up the mail thought it was a good idea to invite Pavlos the bus driver and a very lovely Australian lady to stop by at the house and have a look at her recent series of “Big Bangs” which are exhibited in the lounge room.

And Pavlos the bus driver thought it was a much better idea to ask whether he could sit on the lounge and watch The Island Bus trailer.

And the lovely Australian lady thought it was a brilliant idea to ask whether she could have a chat with the resident writer, too – who is, after all, Australian.

And the resident painter somehow thought it was a splendid idea to call for me to get all this accomplished.

And since the person who wanted the photos could think it a magnificent idea any minute now to knock at the door and ask for the photos, I figured it was the best idea of them all to excuse myself – …when there was a knock on the door and E who had fixed the car turned up with the newly-fixed car.

Did I mention the resident car was broken?

On days like this, it is a real treat to come to the office at the Citizen’s Help Center,
…simply sit at my desk for a little while,
…and enjoy the view from the window (see above).


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