Posted by: sibyllemeder | January 8, 2010

The Zen of Power Cuts

into the blue

into the blue

Sometimes, I’m wondering whether the Greek electricity company ΔΕΗ might only have their customers’ best interest at heart.

Today, I should have gone straight from breakfast to the computer. I had an email from the producer with links for different funding options for The Island Bus and the request to study the material and decide which ones I thought worth applying to. And I had promised to reply today.

But no sooner had I put my breakfast spoon down than the power went off. The fridge gave a nasty hiss, the washing machine stopped in mid-swing and there was nothing to be done. I knew that, because we’ve had about 10873 power cuts in the last few weeks… Alright, that number is exaggerated, but you get the general idea.

This usually happens on windy, rainy days with nothing to achieve outside but a nasty cold. In those days when we were still relying on electric heating, it would even be most inconvenient to stay inside. But today, nothing was more tempting than the great outdoors. The weather was brilliant, a bright, cloudless sky, a balmy breeze from the South. If hailing from Sweden you’d call this a midsummer’s day.

solar power still working!

solar power still working!

So: change of plan. Grab the camera, get out into the wilderness, take photos for this summer’s new postcard edition.

There we were, walking up and down the hills, Ian always half a mile ahead because I took too long to set up my shots. At Lethra beach, all hot and sweaty, we even jumped in for a quick swim. This is 8th January we are talking about.

Floating in the water, the Turkish cost in view, I was marvelling at the timeliness of ΔΕΗ’s failures. When we returned home, the power would be back…

It was. But now the hot water boiler is buggered. The plumber says it’s a big problem, something with the lines, but he’ll fix it tomorrow. I guess it’s time I have a look at those links…

up the hills and down again

up the hills and down again



  1. nice blogo,keep them coming,nice to have news from another source !!!

  2. Sibylle what gorgeous photos !

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