Posted by: sibyllemeder | December 31, 2009

Setting your sights

The silver lining... in this case it's pink

The silver lining... in this case it's pink

Recently, I’ve had an email discussion with friends on responsibility, politics, and the way we influence and live in our world. The following thoughts were part of my contribution to the topic and I include them here, because the whole discussion resonated with me on a very current level:

What I find the real challenge is to create a world (and in my case art) that promotes a way of living that makes dictators and their regimes simply unnecessary, ridiculous, out of the question, impossible,… whatever you name it.

I admit freely to being an idealist. In the sense that I believe that
ideals are somewhat of a blueprint for very real things that can come to

If I take my ideas that way, it’s necessary that I focus on the
good things of life. Note: I’m not denying that bad things can happen,
have happened and are happening still. I just don’t think that spending
all my energy on their reception, spreading the news about them and
pondering how really bad they are, were and can be, will do anything to
prevent them.

Alternatives to craziness prevent craziness. Alternatives to hatred prevent hatred.

All these thoughts are kind of a by-product of my dealing with documentary at the moment. Because docs are generally perceived as pointing a finger. Showing us all how wrong our world is.

Well, sorry, but my own life isn’t that kitschy and sugar-coated that I can take a generous dose of depressing facts and still stay happy and smiling.

Yes, I want a silver lining! Yes, I demand that at least if their is no simple answer, there is an honest search for solution – or a variety of viewpoints at least…

That’s what I hope to achieve with my doc: it’s not going to be about how depressing it is to live on a small island, how everyone has economical worries, the kids hate it and life in general is a drag. Even
though I could have easily written that story, too. It’s all a matter of

But what I would like to show is that even though life here is not what the ads make us crave for, even though there are severe
drawbacks to it, in short: even though Utopia doesn’t exist, not even here ;-), there is something unique and lively and happy and
challenging about it. That’s what being alive means: to face the challenge!


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