Posted by: sibyllemeder | November 17, 2009

Test shoot

Thursday, 12th November 2009, 9.50 a.m. – Agios Antonios, Tilos:

The Island Bus in its natural habitat

Island Bus test drive with Pavlos, myself and a Panasonic DVX100B.

Tilos lies under dramatic rain clouds. The passengers in the bus hold their breath not to interfere with the filming. They are probably thinking: “Better not upset those documentary-filmmakers. Regardless of what they say, the material might end up in the finished film.” Outside, olive groves and harvested pumpkin fields whiz by.
At Eristos Beach, Pavlos takes over commentary and tour. First, we film the “Lake of Eristos”, the mega pool of water that covers the whole road after every substantial rainfall, and the island bus mimicking an amphibian vehicle. The new museum for the dwarf elephant bones at Charkadio Cave might not yet be opened but there’s nothing to keep Pavlos and me from an architectural tour in 7 Beaufort wind. We admire the threatening clouds over Turkey as well as the panoramic view from Livadia’s harbour mole. Pavlos has a tyropitta, and in front of the kafenion four elderly Greek gentlemen play with a meowing toy cat while a real-life cat looks on, bemused.
Just your normal 10 a.m. winter bus tour, really.

Expect more of it soon, here on the Island Bus.

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