Posted by: sibyllemeder | October 22, 2009

Shopping (Ferry) Trip

The beauty of a remote place is that, well, it’s remote. Which – funny enough in this day and age – means there is no shopping mall anywhere in sight.

While this is perfect most days, it’s rather annoying when you run out of DV tape or need a new hard drive.  Not to speak of the tiny little things that count (in my case that would be Green Thai Curry Paste… yum!).

So what does the long-suffering islander do when the shopping list gets too long, the diet too boring and the equipment too bogged down? Hop on a ferry, brave the winds and haunt the next bigger island’s stores to shop til you – literally – drop.

It’s got a bit of a post-war feel to it, pushing a cart stacked to the rafters through the Lidl aisles on Rhodos. Did I mentioned that I NEVER used to shop at Lidl when still living in Germany? (If things continue like this, I might take up yodling and wearing a dirndl as well.)

So, I’ll be off again tomorrow to get my fix of tools (island living turns you into a crazy DIYer), exotic food stuff and the odd German magazine sneaked in. I’ll be seeing a friend off at the airport, too. Did I mention Tilos hasn’t got an airport? (Fortunately.)

Whenever you get that next midnight craving for Chinese take-away or your laptop crashes four hours before an important deadline, think of me. I’ll be anticipating my next shopping needs by about a week in order to sort them out. 😉

If nothing else, island life teaches you budgeting and scheduling. Cheers to that!

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