Posted by: sibyllemeder | August 19, 2009

Fish and Films

Sitting after sunset on the roof of a caique’s cabin in howling wind, one hand clutching the rim of the roof, feet locked under a protruding board, the other hand trying to keep hold of a camcorder – that’s how I started filming a documentary with the working title “The Last Fish”.

Even on fine mornings, horizons can get a little bent on a caique.

Even on fine mornings, horizons can get a little bent on a caique.

The title was intended more as a joke than an omen, but after a choppy evening and an equally windy but very beautiful morning, all the fish we landed were nothing to get exited about, especially if you have to pay three people for eight hours of work.

Empty nets

Beautiful they might look, but fishermen like nets better when they're full of fish.

Nikos and Stelios who were kind enough to let me play ship’s kobold on their roof told me that this was a very bad year. In winter already the catch had been miniscule. How they manage to make ends meet anyway will surely be part of my interview which will follow some time during the week.

Stelios performing some intricate choreography on a caique.

Stelios performing an intricate choreography on his caique.

Only sad that my own work today didn’t yield tangible results either: when I wanted to print out some of the photos as a small thank you for their hospitality, the printer was on strike. Of course! I guess I shouldn’t have joked about the analogy of catching fish and images… Will try again tomorrow.



  1. very nice clear photos, good job 😉 best of luck .

  2. I love fishing in the high seas.

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