Posted by: sibyllemeder | August 5, 2009

Tilos Nature and Culture Festival 2009

Yours truly maybe soon on local TV! Who knows? – But here’s the story:

On August 3rd, the annual Festival of Nature and Culture (Φεστιβάλ Φύσης και Πολιτισμού) was held at the Charkadio open air theatre here on Tilos.

It’s a highly picturesque scene, set quietly between olive groves and mountains for most of the year apart from the few summer months when concerts and theatre shows move in – and the Festival of Nature and Culture.

It’s intended as a one-night show case of the island’s – you guessed it – natural products and cultural scene. Last year, the line up included the inauguration of the honey “factory” and a modern dance performance by the high-school students of Tilos.

This year, I was asked to partcipate with a stand. Figuring that there’s never too much hustle if you want to get word about your project out to the people, I said: Yes! And no sooner had I done that, I had to rush to the printer to get the covers for the newly finished Musicbox DVD ready.

So, among water and honey melons, sweet marmalade and watercolour paintings, the interested visitor could flick through the pages of my book of short stories “Der Traum der Fische“, get a memory of Tilos in form of a photo calendar or postcard featuring my favourite island motifs and get their very own copy of Musicbox on DVD.

Only sad that – manning the stand myself – I missed most of the traditional island dance performance the kids where putting on this year. I’ll have to make up for that by going to the dance lessons again myself once the school holidays are over. (Read more about it here from September on.)

With so much tradition on offer, maybe the fact that a German filmmaker chose to live on Tilos came as a bit of a surprise to the two gentlemen from Irida TV on Rhodes. I guess, it isn’t such a common occurence. To make up for it, I tried put on my best Greek (read: only about two grammar mistakes per half sentence) and explained to them, what I wonder so often myself: what the h***  I am doing here..

The Island Bus, of course, got a mention. (The one and only real island bus was providing direct access to the theatre – as it should.) And if I don’t fall head over heels with tomatoe growing or trying my hand at traditional embroidery over the next twelve months, chances are that my next DVD on offer will be of… you guessed it!

Next stop: preproduction!

See ya there!


  1. very nice , keep it up .

  2. so glad you did this sibylle, and if I had any part in midwifing it, then lovely. But you were the one that ran with it.
    I loved what you said in your awgrad post about messages in bottles washing up on the blue shores of cyber space.

  3. please more about busses… ! I’m bus obsessed and am likely to start reminiscing about bus routes and busses at the drop of a hat. Delighted to see that you are zipping head with many creative projects.

  4. Lovely to find you in the blogsphere Sibylle!

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